Shuttlecock Fever

Badminton is an essential element in the lives of BomBassic. We started getting serious on the court in 2013, and have evolved into high caliber shuttlers.  It began when we discovered a badminton set in our roommate’s closet and set it up in the backyard. From there it was an all out addiction to arguably the fastest racket sport in the world. Blood has been spilt, bodies have been sacrificed all in the quest of the perfect smash… or drop shot.

Upon long hours of working in the studio, playing countless games of Badminton can really boost the endorphins and get the blood pumping. It is a game of many dimensions that challenges the body and mind. Lightning fast quickness, impeccable hand-eye coordination, massive power, finesse, endurance, and mental toughness are all necessary to be a force on the court. We even have a portable setup that follows us to music festivals and becomes a great day time activity that keeps people active and connecting.

The styles of play we exhibit differ from each other, but we also share similar characteristics. Brucey shows wide range with his long limbs and has incredibly fast reflexes. Hyperdrive plays extremely hard and is always willing to dive on the court to save a rally. The many scars across his body would dignify that claim.

We may joke about our obsession with badminton, but it truly is a game that we love. It’s constantly challenging us, deep connections are always being made on the court, it’s fun, and most importantly it makes you live in the moment. We find a similar level of focus playing badminton as we do when creating or performing music.

BomBassic Badminton

BomBassic Badminton

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