Peak of Summer Mix

BomBassic Peak Of Summer Mix 2018 Chill Music Original Beats

Peak of Summer Mix is a 68 minute refreshing cruise through summer’s chillest vibes brought to you by the musical productions of Brucey B & Cpt Hyperdrive, also known as BomBassic. It’s a smooth blend of feel-good sun soaked beats over melodies as juicy as fresh cut watermelon. We suggest playing the mix during your favorite summer activities like: a backyard BBQ by the pool with friends, a solo meditative mountain hike to a waterfall, or a sunset on the beach with your love. All 24 tracks are originally produced, dating back to 2014 till present day. Guest features from the chill-gods Koresma, Biocratic, and EmE. Throw your shades on, turn the speakers up, and enjoy the apex of these glorious golden days of the year, Peak of Summer.


1) BomBassic – Peak of Summer
2) Brucey B- Come Away
3) BomBassic – A New Morning
4) Brucey B – Alexander Technique
5) Brucey B – Used to Be a Dog
6) CloZee – Harmony (BomBassic Remix)
7) Cpt. HyperDrive – Moment of Paradise
8) Cpt. HyperDrive and EmE – Syrup Sauce
9) BomBassic and Koresma – Rocky Broad
10) Cpt. HyperDrive – Touch The Sky
11) BomBassic and Koresma – Summer Soul
12) Cpt. HyperDrive – I Will Be Down
13) Brucey B – Jumping the Grate
14) Cpt. HyperDrive – Down to the Sea remix
15 ) Feverkin – I Seek You in the Sky (BomBassic Remix)
16) BomBassic – Ace’s Wild
17) BomBassic – Never Lose the Groove
18) Cpt. HyperDrive – From Dusk Till Dawn
19) BomBassic – All I Need
20) Brucey B – 1994
21) Brucey B – We
22) Brucey B – Universal Apex
23) BomBassic – Dusty Piano
24) BomBassic ft. Birocratic – By Now

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