New Single – “Angel’s Dust”

RESONANT BEING Merkaba Music Kalya Scintilla Antandra World Fusion Beats Glitch Hop


We are proud to announce a new single, “Angel’s Dust” off Resonant Being, released via Merkaba Music. The album features music from producers all over the world with exemplary sound design and beautiful arrangements. The head of Merkaba Music and mastermind behind the release is Yaygon Lamagaia, aka Kalya Scintilla. Kalya carries one of the most respectable names in the realm of glitch hop and futuristic world fusion beats. We’re beyond gratified to be apart of the project.

“Angel’s Dust” is an audio adventure that has been kept in the BomBassic vault for years. We have performed it live, but we’ve always felt it deserved its own release.The song is deep and slowly evolving, so listen intently (headphones recommended). It’s one of our first truly psychedelic mind twists. It features the powerful drums and sub bass we’re known for, but we added many “trippy” sonic elements like you hear on the Acceleration EP. Let us know what you think! Much love.


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