Musashi Xero – Ten Till A Hundred Prod. Brucey B

Hip-hop music in its purest form comes from the heart and soul. Whether you’re making a beat or writing a verse, an artist has to dig down deep within oneself to find the vibe to translate into song.

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Since 2004, I have been composing beats and instrumentals for hip-hop and rap music. I was 17 then, growing up in suburbia of Long Island, but I felt a strong connection to underground hip-hop culture throughout most of my early years. Maybe it was from my close proximity to NYC, or my friends who were into it, but the sound stuck with me from an early age and the culture drew me in even closer. The production on the album, The Infamous, by Mobb Deep really influenced me to start making my own beats. It’s a dark east coast hip-hop album and I dug the cinematic boom bap in those years, to the point where I was rewinding the CD repeatedly trying to re-create sections in the songs.

In my heart, hip-hop is still my favorite music because it was my first love and what I’ve been doing the longest. The thrill of making a beat is something I will forever enjoy and having an emcee recite a dope verse over it is icing on the cake.

Here is a premier of a new track, “Ten Till A Hundred” with Musashi Xero on the vocals.

Ten Till A Hundred Musashi Xero Brucey B BomBassic Asheville Collab


Shouts out to the BEATLIFE fam and Musashi Xero. Peace and love!

– Brucey B

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