Moon Bounce

Remember those huge blow up contraptions that’s like a trampoline inside with walls where you can’t get hurt? Growing up, the Moon Bounce was a party novelty and for this track, we were bouncing off the walls like a couple of kids when we made this piece.

“Moon Bounce” was started by Cpt Hyperdrive in the passenger seat of Brucey B’s car during the 11-hr drive home from Palm Harbor, Florida back in 2013. We just finished our first “mini-tour” where we played a club in Miami, house party in Orlando and dive bar called the Coconut in Port Salerno. The sun soaked vibes of the trip stimulated Hyperdrive’s brain to start with the bouncy backdrop of bass and drums. The main elements were sketched on the car ride, while the sound design and arrangement were finalized back in the Asheville studio.

Since this track dates back 3 years, we were experimenting with new production techniques and using the bass in a different way from our usual methods. For “Moon Bounce” we focused on elaborate bass design and bass melody to serve as the main feature throughout. Also a large amount of sound foley are used as fx and layers for percussion which add a subtle, yet textural element to our sound.
ON THE REAL this track is for the club to get down to some funky squishy deliciousness!

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