Happy Spring

What’s up ya’ll? We just had an incredible time once again at Kinnection Campout at the legendary Deerfields and it’s left us feeling with enormous gratitude for the community we’re apart of. The organizers and volunteers of Kinnection execute at a world-class level; finely crafting the flow of ceremony, workshops, and music to create an environment of community and conscious celebration. It reminds us how powerful an experience can be when you align talented, creative, progressive humans all in one place to create a plethora of art, knowledge, and wisdom.  There is an underlying essence in this event every year and it’s tough to put into words. You just have to go to experience.

BomBassic_Kinnection_Tribal Council

This was our 5th year in a row at Kinnection and our performance was set for Sunday evening at 5pm on the breath-taking Earth Stage. We spent over 2 months to create the right mood to coincide with the flow of the festival and the time of day. Most of the Kinnection family were recuperating after going deep into Saturday night and early Sunday morning, so we wanted to pulse life back into the campgrounds with the proper soul vibes. This resulted in a special a set of entirely unreleased material. Another surprise was the addition of Brucey B’s 17 year old brother and skilled violinist, Noah , who joined us on stage for a live collaboration. The lush bowed strings blended effortlessly with the BomBassic beats creating a sound similar to Emancipator. We could tell people were feeling it by their big bright smiles in their faces and bubbles floating in the air. Having the Bijesse brothers collaborate for the first time together on platform of that magnitude was a powerful moment. It’s what Kinnection is all about.

BomBassic_Violin_Noah Bijesse_Live_Kinnection


Post Kinnection we’ve been feeling inspired to create some of our best work yet. We have a few releases in the works for 2016, but in the mean time we’re gearing up for BEAT LIFE 15X15 in Atlanta, BEAT LIFE 4th of July edition in Asheville, and our first time at the legendary Transformus regional burn in mid July with our camp, The Landing Pad.

Beat Life 15x15 Atlanta_BomBassic_Panther God_ Slums_10th Letter

Bombassic_July4_BeatLife_Electrochemical_Samuel Paradise_ DJ Kutzu_The Mothlight

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