Excite Your Mind


Often the most exciting moments in the making of art comes spontaneously where a certain vibration enters your mind and allows you to listen better, play better, or focus better. “Excite Your Mind” was started during a moment of that creative explosion.

Brucey B was experimenting with some really cool hybrid sounds from the soft synth Omnisphere, and put together a meditative chord progression. The mellow patch and a dusty breakbeat loop provided the backbone. The organic tones inspired Hyperdrive to use a Minimoog to synthesize an electric bass patch to give the groove a humanlike quality. The creativity was still flowing and the head nodding bassline was born by jamming to the loop.

The idea behind the future bass section in the middle of the track came from our love of the gliding saw basslines from Phutureprimitive and early Mimosa. We love playing this part live because the build has so much tension and it truly pulses on the dancefloor.

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s certainly a unique experience when the music comes together so quickly and effortlessly and actually sounds good.

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