CLAVVS – Sit You Down (BomBassic Remix)

BomBassic Sit You Down Remix Hot Sexy Flames Club Trap

ATL underground-pop duo CLAVVS crossed paths with BomBassic member Cpt. HyperDrive while on a pilgrimage to the legendary electronic music mecca known as Moog Music. Sharing passions in music production and synthesizers, emails were exchanged in hopes of a future collaboration.

Shortly after their encounter, the “Sit You Down” stems were shipped off to get the BomBassic remix treatment. Amber’s haunting vocals were chopped up, pitched down and thrown through a blender of effects, creating a liquid texture over the lyrics. Combining trap house percussion, brooding basses, fluttering pads and thunderous 808s, the result is a sub-shaking club anthem tinged with a touch of seductive evil.

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