BomBassic 2015 Summer Tour Post #4 – New Orleans, LA

Well rested and well fed, we left Jackson feeling refreshed for our first visit to New Orleans. We arranged the tour so we could have a few days to explore NOLA. The crew consisted of Brucey & Cpt along with our 2 homies from Asheville and 2 childhood friends from Long Island, Kenny and Justin, who flew down to spend the weekend.

The newly formed 6 man crew’s first task was to experience some vintage cuisine. It just so happened, only 2 blocks away from our Air BNB house, stood a 103 year old restaurant, the legendary Pascal’s Manale. Our waiter provided us with excellent service and even better entertainment. Being a 3rd generation native, Louie, took the time to give us a historical perspective on what it’s like to be from NOLA. His family among many other families from NY, Philly, and Boston came down as transplants in the 40’s to replace the catholic school teachers who went off to fight in WWII. Louie had a strong North-Eastern accent and we soon learned that NOLA is full of different accents based on which neighborhood of the city you come from. The meal of BBQ shrimp, stuffed crab legs, and an assortment of other absolutely delicious Italian creole was the best start to the weekend we could ask for.

Pascal’s Manale BomBassic

Our show the next night at the Prytania bar was a success. Our friend Ahmal, aka AF the Naysayer set us up with the show in NOLA and the show in Baton Rouge the next night. It was a dope crowd and we were well received.

BomBassic Prytania Bar New Orleans

With sweat constantly pouring down our bodies from the extreme humidity in July we took off our shirts and walked in the park.


Brucey B Frenchmen St NOLA Brucey B Frenchmen St NOLA

New Orleans is the only U.S. major city we’ve been to that is still remnant of an authentic culture which embraces and lives by its history. Tucked away in the bayou, NOLA is pretty secluded from the country with Houston being the closest major city at 5 hours away. Nowadays, big cities and their inhabitants have become very similar to one another through modern architecture, digital technology, and the internet. However, NOLA keeps a distinctive vibe and culture which you actually have to be there to experience. N’awlins is NOT part of the south, N’awlins is N’awlins.

As a performing musician, the rush you get walking down Frenchmen Street during peak hours is a reminder why we do this. The amount of energy from venue to venue is unreal. All different kinds of jazz, rock, and soul music performed by many musicians who have lived in New Orleans their whole life. Sure, most people go to party and get intoxicated, but you can’t escape the beauty of the atmosphere created between the musicians and the audience all over the city. Our favorite music venue was Bacchanal Wine, and our favorite restaurant was Pascal’s Manale. We’re both really looking forward to going back.

BomBassic Crew NOLA

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