BEAT LIFE – A Psychedelic Beat Showcase

We are pleased to announce BEAT LIFE, a new series of shows here in Asheville. BEAT LIFE is a psychedelic beat showcase born of a shared love for hip hop and electronic music.

Asheville is a pretty small city (87k residents), but the amount of music and art here is astounding. There is a niche for almost every style of music you could imagine, and new shows and venues are constantly popping up in both Downtown and West Asheville. Asheville has so much to offer, and we’re proud to call it our home base. We’re also proud to be affiliated with a collective of artists here in town called the Asheville Beat Tape Collective, which hosts the immersive showcases and events that make up BEAT LIFE.

Beat Life Collage

The Asheville Beat Tape Collective has been a core community of great hip-hop and beat music artists in Asheville and the Southeast since 2010. The original goal of the collective was to bring together music producers focused in the off-kilter side of hip-hop music. Founding father Nigel Geiger threw a series of events around town featuring local and regional artists like Two Fresh, Bookworm, 10th Letter, Panther God, and P3riph3ral to foster a sense of community and collaboration with a steadily growing audience.

While some of the original founding members have moved on to other cities and ventures, the Collective has grown and morphed to include a new breed of artists. We have also worked hard to bring in some of the top producers and beat makers from outside of the region, expanding our creative reach and fostering relationships that will place Asheville at the forefront of electronic music innovation. BEAT LIFE showcases have recently featured internationally recognized artists like Mndsgn (Stones Throw), MONO/POLY (Brainfeeder), Blockhead (Ninja Tune), The Difference Machine (ATL) AF THE NAYSAYER, and many more.

Our current home team roster includes BomBassic, Cpt Hyperdrive, Brucey B, Panther God, Aligning Minds, Musashi Xero, EmE, Samuel Paradise, Emerald Curtain, DJ Kutzu, and Vietnam Jerry. We are a growing network of artists, and the power in our numbers will create a positive shift both in our local community and around the world.

The next installment of the series will be on June 27 at the Mothlight in Asheville, NC and we are happy to be the headliners!

BEATLIFE Bombassic Samuel Paradise HIPHOP AVL LeftField

Below are the starting members of the collective back in 2008.

2008 Beat Tape Collective

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