Aligning Minds Recordings

Asheville is blessed with a plethora of talented musicians nestled within the blue ridge mountains. Aligning Minds is one of those household names that we’re proud to say reside here simply because their music is world renown and they are very humble guys. One half of Aligning Minds is our good friend, Mike Folk (right),  who over the past few years has been a big contributor to the local Asheville electronic music scene. We’ve got to know him as one of the most genuine and hard working people in the music community.



Aligning Minds Recordings is the new record label started by the duo and as big fans of their music, we’re excited for this next chapter in their career. With their intricate approach to production and soulful taste in vibes we can expect some juicy releases in the future.

The label released it’s debut album this past week by the other half of Aligning Minds, Daniel Merrill aka A Path Untold. Upon first listening to the album,  Secret Subtle Light, you can easily hear the heavy influence of Aligning Minds music. The immense amount of detail in composition and the surreal sound design is second to none. We were pretty blown away.

The duo often describes their connection to nature as a big influence in their music and it’s easy to tell that this is the perfect type of album to strap on the headphones and take a walk through the forest. We recommend downloading this album and supporting record labels like Aligning Minds Recordings who are dedicated to putting out top notch soul moving material.


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