NEW: Acceleration EP

The Acceleration EP is now fully released! It’s available for download and streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. We hope you enjoy the audible adventure. Much love.

On a basic scientific level, acceleration, represents a change in speed. An object that stays at the same speed but changes direction, is also considered accelerating. Since their last release, Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive have pushed their sound to new frontiers with velocity, manifesting a futuristic collection of BomBassic material realized through constant discovery. The Acceleration EP represents the evolving nature of our environments and individual lives which is ever-changing and pulsing with the creative rhythms of existence. We approached these songs with this mindset and sought overall to create a dynamic and vibrant journey.


released March 31, 2016 All tracks produced and mixed by Rob Gray and Bruce Bijesse 
Mastering by Audible Oddities (Shawn Hatfield) Photography by Dawnfire Photpgraphy 
Album Artwork by Custom Pixel

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