Acceleration EP

BOMBASSIC EP Acceleration 2016 Street Ritual Asheville Electronic Music

BomBassic Acceleration EP

1. Gato Negro

2. Eclectic Serenity

3. Ice Sickle

4. Moon Bounce

5. Excite Your Mind

6. Space In Between the Beat

Acceleration EP description:

In the past couple of years since our last EP, we’ve both been heavily influenced by the boundless nature of electronic music and the extraordinary capabilities accessible in modern day music production. Some of our most memorable experiences have been on dance floors where these lushly textured psychedelic sounds meld with pulsating grooves taking us to another level physically, mentally and spiritually. Our intent was to capture these effects that create those experiences and manifest them into our music.

The Acceleration EP represents the evolving nature of our environments and individual lives which is ever-changing and pulsing with the creative rhythms of existence. We approached these songs with this mindset and sought overall to create a dynamic and vibrant journey in every song.

We’re grateful to live in this time period to have the capability of digital and analog technology to progress our sound to new dimensions. We’re also grateful that Cpt works at Moog Music and has access to a wealth of resources. Acceleration features a great deal of Moog synths and processors. The analog nature of these instruments creates unexpected but beautiful results. Expect this to become a staple in our sound.

But most of all, we’re thankful for all of our fans who support BomBassic. Music is our passion and we are infinitely grateful for all the people that spend their time and energy to show us some love, no matter how big or small. Those people who throw a mix up while they’re cleaning, rage face at our shows, rip your pants on the dance floor (that has happened), tell your grandparents about us, or throw a sticker on their car. We love you, thank you.


Love and peace,
Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive

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