Passion and intensity define Cpt. HyperDrive’s personality, as well as his music.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Cpt. HyperDrive (Robert Gray) was adopted and raised in Long Island. His upbringing in NY brought him to love hip hop and the NYC “Golden Age” sound. He always had an affinity for music, but instead he chose the path to become an FBI agent. While away at college, he made poor decisions. and ended the chances of a law enforcement career. HyperDrive bought a sampler and turntable and took his shot at creating beats. He started producing in 2007, slicing vinyl samples and programming drums on his MPC. After graduating college, HyperDrive realized his dreams to become a musician. Hungry to perfect his craft, he enrolled and graduated from an audio engineering school (REI) on Long Island. During this time, he was introduced to electronic music through his friend and fellow BomBassic producer, Brucey B. This vastly changed his perspective on music and how his sound would develop.

His fascination with bass music and its sub-genres incited HyperDrive to learn the production techniques of electronic music and implement elements of dubstep, glitch hop, trance, house and more into his sound. ¬†HyperDrive’s production has evolved and now features chopped and looped samples of funk, jazz, rock, blues, classical and soul combined with warm Moog synths, and of course, hard hitting drums. Progression is the key to HyperDrive’s production. Once you hear his music and experience his live set, you will understand why he is known as Cpt. HyperDrive.

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