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Arrive To Get Live EP

Bombassic Arrive To Get Live  Hip-hop Electronic Remix EP Album

Growing up in the nineties, both Brucey B and Cpt. Hyperdrive experienced a plethora of major hip-hop and R&B hits that bring that nostalgic feeling every time you...

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Cotton Candy Sunset

Cotton Candy Sunset - BomBassic single release

The sunset, across the globe, displays a vibrancy of colors so mystifying, it reminds us how blessed we are to live on such a beautiful planet. Until the sun drops below the horizon, the sky decides...

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Nate Dogg “I Got Love” (BomBassic Remix)

BomBassic Nate Dogg I Got Love Remix G-FUnk A flashback to the G-Funk era of Nate Dogg with this sexy BomBassic remix of his classic track, "I Got Love". We took it a step further than the original by adding some sexy electronic vibesĀ and gripping pulsating rhythms....
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