Stereo Symbiosis Mix

Symbiosis is defined as “a mutually beneficial relationship between different organisms or groups.”

A relationship in sound occurs when left and right audio signals come together and create one unified entity, a stereo wave. When there is a symbiotic bond amongst these frequency waves, it creates something full of life. The Stereo Symbiosis mix represents a 34 minute co-existence in audio, consisting of brand new and original tracks from BomBassic, and solo joints from ourselves, Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive. The SS mix varies in genre and sound, but carries the listener on a journey from the dance floor to the clouds. Throw it down during a party or play it in the background while taking a long drive; the Stereo Symbiosis mix is intended to make the listener’s soul smile.┬áHope everyone had lovely 2012, let’s keep the positive vibes rolling into 2013!


Tracklisting and Production Credits:

1) Stereo Symbiosis (Produced by BomBassic)
2) Everyday I Go On (Produced by BomBassic)
3) Organic Fresh (Produced by Brucey B)
4) Where the Hipsta’s at? (Produced by Brucey B)
5) Stand By Me (Cpt. HyperDrive FeelGood Remix)
6) Snow Flake: Part 1(Produced by BomBassic)
7) Back to the Basics (Produced by Brucey B)
8) LSDreams (Produced by BomBassic)
9) Zen Master (Produced by Brucey B)
10) Super Quality (Produced by Brucey B)
11) Something Missing (Produced by Cpt. HyperDrive)
12) Snow Flake: Part 2 (Produced by BomBassic)
13) Cabin Fever (Produced by Cpt. HyperDrive
14) Force of Nature (Produced by Cpt. HyperDrive)

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