LostInSound Presents: Synergy Mix

BomBassic Lostinsound Synergy Mix

Lostinsound and BomBassic Present: Synergy Mix

1. Brucey B – Secretly From the West Coast
2. Cpt. HyperDrive – MegaMan
3. Brucey B – SpaceLift
4. Cpt. HyperDrive – Power Moves
5. Cpt. HyperDrive – Energize the Flame Within
6. BomBassic – Liquid Dunes
7. Brucey B – Put It on the Floor
8. BomBassic -Deuces Wild
9. BomBassic – Going Down, down, down…
10. BomBassic – Candy-Painted Sunrise
11. Brucey B – We’re All One

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia from synergos, meaning “working together.”

When the musical minds of Brucey B and Cpt HyperDrive (BomBassic) come together, the result is a powerful harmony of lush melody, tantalizing bass, and deep soul. This 33 minute mix is comprised of original tracks by BomBassic and their solo works; weaved together into one unique vibration.

Huge thank you to:
J Smilanic for the awesome Synergy cover artwork! 27 Folds (Rudy Zaborowski and Christina Melton) for their quality work with BomBassic on the live visuals and branding. Chy Bryant for lending her lovely vocal talent for the vocal tags.

Much love to LostinSound.org and Patrick Boyle for their support and sharing our music. LiS is more than a website, it is a culture, and BomBassic supports their movement.

We also must thank you, the listeners and fans, who support the BomBassic sound and culture. It is an amazing feeling to receive all the love we get for making music, and it makes us want to continue to pursue our passion for composing the beat that moves the soul. As always, we are extremely proud to be in this position to share our music with you.

“Spread the Sound, Spread the Soul”




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