Monthly Archives: March 2016

Excite Your Mind

  Often the most exciting moments in the making of art comes spontaneously where a certain vibration enters your mind and allows you to listen better, play better, or focus better. “Excite Your Mind” was started during a moment of that creative explosion. Brucey B was experimenting with some really cool hybrid...
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Moon Bounce

Remember those huge blow up contraptions that’s like a trampoline inside with walls where you can’t get hurt? Growing up, the Moon Bounce was a party novelty and for this track, we were bouncing off the walls like a couple of kids when we made this piece. “Moon Bounce” was started...
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Ice Sickle

BomBassic Ice Sickle IDM Asheville music Acceleration Single Glitch "Ice Sickle" is a future bass adventure featuring an array of deep pulsing Moog synths, crystal-sharp textures and groovy glitched out drums. Just the right amount of psychedelic for those looking...
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