Yearly Archives: 2015

Cotton Candy Sunset

Cotton Candy Sunset - BomBassic single release

The sunset, across the globe, displays a vibrancy of colors so mystifying, it reminds us how blessed we are to live on such a beautiful planet. Until the sun drops below the horizon, the sky decides...

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BomBassic 2015 Summer Tour Post #4 – New Orleans, LA

Well rested and well fed, we left Jackson feeling refreshed for our first visit to New Orleans. We arranged the tour so we could have a few days to explore NOLA. The crew consisted of Brucey & Cpt along with our 2 homies from Asheville and 2 childhood friends from Long Island, Kenny and Justin,...
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Aligning Minds Recordings

Asheville is blessed with a plethora of talented musicians nestled within the blue ridge mountains. Aligning Minds is one of those household names that we're proud to say reside here simply because their music is world renown and they are very humble guys. One half of Aligning Minds is our good friend, Mike Folk (right),  who...
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BomBassic 2015 Summer Tour Post #3: Jackson, MS

2015 Summer Tour Post #3: Jackson, MI and Offbeat Records Setting off around mid afternoon, we were off to Jackson, MI to play the most unique venue on our tour; a record/comic book/action figure store with a beer/liquor license called Offbeat.  Phillip Rollins is the creator, owner and manager of this funky shop located in the...
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