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Shuttlecock Fever

Badminton is an essential element in the lives of BomBassic. We started getting serious on the court in 2013, and have evolved into high caliber shuttlers.  It began when we discovered a badminton set in our roommate's closet and set it up in the backyard. From there it was an all out addiction to arguably the fastest...
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After Hours 1.0 & 2.0 Recap

Since 2010, Asheville’s Halloween weekend has been dominated by electronic music festivals and has gained a strong reputation in the music industry. Whether it was Moogfest or Mountain Oasis, these events brought people to Asheville from all over the country. However, Ac Entertainment chose not to pursue another music festival during Halloween weekend in 2014, leaving the spotlight up for grabs.

Together with 27Folds, we saw this as an opportunity to show Asheville how we throw a Halloween party. Not any party, but THE after party.  This was the birth of the After-Hours series, which will become a signature event thrown by the BomBassic/27Folds combo.

After Hours 1.0 at New Mountain AVL was quite the way to kick off the series. On Thursday, Oct 30, the Creature Carnival tour came to town featuring Beats Antique, Sphongle, and Emancipator. It was the perfect opportunity for the Bombsquad street team to recruit heads for the BomBassic show. The night went from being a carnival…to a circus. We decided to go with the “Back to the Future” theme for our costumes. Brucey B as “Doc Brucey Brown” and Cpt. HyperDrive as Marty McHyperDrive. The combination of extravagant costumes, 27Folds visuals, and fresh BomBassic tracks created a euphoric experience for the crowd to interact with.

After Hours 2.0 took place on Saturday, November 1st for the unofficial after-party for The Polish Ambassador. The weather that day took a drastic change and suddenly Asheville was blanketed in snow. But still, it was Halloween weekend and the people wanted to get down. While HyperDrive was grooving/promoting at the Polish show, Brucey B opened up with a DJ set, followed by an all original set by Antandra. For this setup, 27 Folds broke out a 300 LED wall for the backdrop. The lights added another dimension to the show, as you can see in the video up top.

By 1am, the room was packed with people in onesies moving to our set. The set was tight thru performance, mixing, and sound, but the chemistry between us and 27Folds seemed to really peak that night. The final songs added to the madness with back to back remixes of hip hop classics, Dr. Dre- Still DRE and MOP- Ante Up. Going with the “Back to the Future” theme, it was only fitting to end the weekend with Huey Lewis “Power of Love”.

The tagline for After-Hours proved to be truer than imagined. “Soulful grooves for people not ready to go home” Both nights of After-Hours filled to capacity, house lights turned on, and sound cutoff with the people really not wanting to go home! This was a true collective effort amongst hard working, talented friends and it felt great to see everyone enjoying these shows together.